MP3 Audio Files for
MontCo Hymn Festival, June 29, 2014

An MP3 file, for each piece of music performed, is selectable for download below.
S, A, T, B is played as, Flute, Oboe, English Horn, and Bassoon respectively.
Accompaniment is played as either, Harp, Piano, Strings, or Celesta.
A separate file is available for each voice, where the Marimba is added to highlight the voice.
1. The Majesty and Glory of Your Name, comp. Fettlke
S1, S2, A1, A2, T, Bar, B

2. O Come All Ye Faithful, comp. Wade, arr. Althouse
S1, S2, A, T, Bar, B
String Ensemble

3. Oh What Grace, comp. Bledsow & Dyba, arr. Kirkland
S1, S2, A1, A2, T, B
Orchestral Harp

4. Every Time I Feel the Spirit, African American Spiritual, arr. Gilpin
S, A, T, B
Grand Piano

Last Update: June 20, 2014