Unidentified woman resembling Simon William HESS

Analysis and dating by Penny Ladnier of the Costume Gallery:

This photo's fashions date from 1865-1868. Everything about this photo dates from this period.
1. Her hairstyle with the center part, close to the head, and one long ringlet over the shoulder date from this period.
2. Only two eras during the 19th Century did women wear black chokers. They were fads, that appeared briefly. The choker with a large broche was only during this time frame. so she may have been a very fashionable lady to follow a fad.
3. The collar with the lace collar with the rounded points was from this era.
4. The bodice's capelet that buttoned down center-front with fringe was very fashionable during this era.

Last Update: August 22, 2013