Possible early portrait (edited version) of Elizabeth CALLAHAN

Analysis and dating by Penny Ladnier of the Costume Gallery:

I finally have the analysis of the photo. This one took a little more research than your other photos. There is a lot in the photo...strange for a portrait. The collar kept throwing me off in dates. This is a very fashionable lady!

This photo's fashions dates from 1869-1875. I would lean more towards 1869-1871 because of her full hairstyle. This one could be Elizabeth!

Some fashions in the photo that date from 1869-1875:
1. Thin black choker
2. Empress Eugenie hat
3. Jabot, tie-like scarf, with the frayed edges

Her collar must be an heirloom. It dates pre-1860s/Civil War.

Last Update: August 22, 2013